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2.2 Installing from a Source Tarball

2.2.1 Source Install Requirements

To install from a source tarball, your computer must have a C++ compiler such as GCC or Apple's Xcode and recent versions of the following:

To install these, follow the instructions for each individual package or use a package manager such as Fink, MacPorts or Cygwin.

2.2.2 Downloading

Download the latest source tarball at and unpack it with an archive manager application or type the following at a command prompt:

     cd path/to/installfrom/directory
     tar -xzf path/to/fomus/tarball.tar.gz

2.2.3 Compiling and Installing from Source

Type the following at a command prompt:

     cd path/to/fomus/source/directory
     make install

By default, FOMUS is installed to /usr/local/. To change this, add --prefix=/path/to/base/install/directory to the ./configure line. If you install to a nonstandard directory, you might need to add the path to FOMUS's executable to your PATH variable. If you have more than one core or processor, you can speed up the build process by adding -j2 (or a higher number) to the make command.

If you are updating to a newer version, make sure you uninstall the previous version first. See the section below on uninstalling.

To install documentation, type:

     cd path/to/fomus/source/directory
     make html
     make install-html

2.2.4 Installing on Cygwin

You must compile and install Boost version 1.40 or greater before building FOMUS (the version of Boost that Cygwin offers is too old). After untarring the Boost sources and before building anything, edit the boost/config/user.hpp file in the Boost source directory and add the following line anywhere in the file:

     #define BOOST_CYGWIN_PATH

Setting this macro causes FOMUS to run properly using both Cygwin UNIX-style and Windows pathnames.

2.2.5 Updating

Update the software by repeating the download and make instructions above. Before you do so, make sure you uninstall the application first to insure that any old modules are deleted and won't get in the way of the new install. See the next section for instructions on uninstalling.

2.2.6 Uninstalling

Uninstall FOMUS with the following commands:

     cd path/to/fomus/source/directory
     make uninstall